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nourishedchildren is a community seeking to encourage and inspire mamas to bring wellness into their families. We also strive to provide resources in the form of tips, lists, how tos, recipes, learning guides and book recommendations. You mamas are trying the best you can everyday with your little ones. It takes a village to build one another up to continue offering the best we can to our families. We hope to foster an amazing community of nourishedchildren and their mamas to help you on your journey! Check out our daily schedule here.

Boys Nature Hike


It is not always easy to lead a nourished life, yet it is highly worth the effort to provide the best you can for your family. Sharing the kitchen with my children is one of my greatest joys. I love watching them develop a curiosity and interest in food preparation. They want to have their hands on the foods, they want to participate and help, and its relevant because these skills will be helpful to them as they grow. When they take an interest in our kitchen, they are exposed to a variety of healthy foods. Since they are naturally curious about the food they are holding, smelling, testing, and preparing, our children often want to try some of the foods they have had a hand in preparing. My boys are great eaters and I hope we can inspire your family to nourish their bodies too!

almond butter apple doughnuts
almond butter apple doughnuts


I’m the blessed mama of two amazing boys, Hudson (age 4.5) and Jude (age 3). I’m honored to homeschool my preschoolers. Life is a constant learning experience for us because that is the nature of parenting. We aim to slow down, lead a natural life, spend time in nature, and honor the ordinary, simple moments together as a family. We follow a Charlotte Mason style of education and are currently using the Peaceful Preschool curriculum. I subscribe to the monthly Wild and Free bundles, and attend their free monthly groups because they are a wonderful, beautiful homeschool community.


While I’m no expert on children, I know my own children well. We spend our days together and that is exactly what I want for as long as possible. In my past, I have taught children with autism and a few children’s dance classes. Currently, I teach barre3 classes and can bring my kiddos with me to work when I need to and I am also 500 hour RYT yoga certified. Although I have never taught in public schools, I have earned a teaching certificate for elementary education. When you spend quality time with your children, it also helps them feel secure, comforted, and serves to create a strong bond and relationship to last a lifetime.

We are beginning our first official year of homeschool preschool. I have found several curriculums that work well for our family: the Peaceful Preschool, Exploring Nature with Children, and the Abundant Gardener.

Wild + Free
Wild + Free Groups
The Peaceful Preschool
Exploring Nature with Children
The Abundant Gardener


Boys in the kitchen strawberry jam
Boys in the kitchen strawberry jam


When we create a family culture centered around nourishment for our children’s bodies and minds, we forage a special bond with them that may last for a lifetime. We only have a limited amount of time with our children, so lets work together to make it count. Finally, check out my favorite bloggers below and most of all please share your journey with me!

Finally, a hike at Hamilton Pool Preserve

letter b blueberries
letter b blueberries