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Here you will find tips for homeschooling your children using Charlotte Mason’s methods. Nourish, connect, explore, inspire, and read.


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I grew up in the suburbs. At the end of the school day, I spent ample time outdoors, playing in our yard or the woods with my neighbors. As I got older, I would lay on the driveway to soak up the sun with a good book in hand.

Thankfully, my mom scoured countless garage sales, and much to my delight, brought home boxes of books for me to read. Playing outside and getting lost in books were some of my fondest childhood memories.

Yet, I also longed for more time in nature. I longed for freedom from feeling like I was boxed inside four walls in a classroom…in a building…and later, an office.


I’m so thankful to be blessed with the chance to homeschool my two precious boys. I long to give them plenty of time outdoors, so they can wonder at God’s glory. I’m aiming to provide a well-rounded education for them that includes:

    • Literature from great thinkers
    • Science through connection with nature
    • Bible readings and study
    • Time for art, drawing, and music
    • Inspiring History tales, math, writing
    • Plenty of read-aloud time

This Charlotte Mason style of education provides opportunities to develop my children’s good habits and moral character.

I aim to nourish their bodies, with nutritious meals, and ample free time to be active outdoors. Also, I seek to nourish their minds with great thinkers and ideas from inspiring books and good literature.

In conclusion, I desire for my children to work hard at acquiring knowledge, to recognize the value in learning, and to have ample leisure time to pursue their unique interest and develop who they are, as a natural reward for their hard work.

This blog is my way to document some of our days together. It is precious, precious time to me. I hope along the way, I can inspire you and encourage you on your parenting journey!

The days are long, but the years are short.


  • My husband and I have been married for 10 years and we were married at Turtle Bay on Oahu, Hawaii.
  • We tried for more than three years to get pregnant with our first son. When my first son was nine months old, we got pregnant with our second son!
  • We live on 10 acres in the Texas hill country. Our home won best custom home, best master bath and best kitchen for the Builders Association in the area. Our house has been photographed and it will be potentially placed in several Architectural magazines around the world!


I teach barre3 classes part time and my kiddos can come to work with me when needed. I’m 500 Hour RYT yoga certified and taught classes before having my children. Also, although I have never taught in a public school, I hold an elementary teaching certificate.

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Charlotte Mason Preschool
Charlotte Mason Preschool

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little ones and mama
little ones and mama

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