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Five Amazing Art Supplies for Preschoolers

5 Amazing Art Supplies for Preschoolers
5 Amazing Art Supplies for Preschoolers


Homeschooling is a blessing. We spend quality time together, read classic books, and play with art! My boys are spontaneous and creative working with various art supplies.


Our homeschooling style is a mix of Charlotte Mason, Montessori, and Waldorf. Probably, you will notice emphasis on beautiful and natural materials when following a Waldorf homeschool style. We seek beauty in our surroundings. We value nature outings, a minimal home atmosphere, and quality children’s toys and materials. We prioritize beautiful and nourishing foods. However, it can be expensive to choose quality! Therefore, we include both quality items and affordable items.

Top Preschool Art Supplies
Top Preschool Art Supplies


First, we used watercolors. My oldest son made a rainbow. He is very curious about rainbows. Together, we choose different colors paints and therefore, he had a great time creating art! He enjoys painting his name, and creating different shapes. He has re-created watercolor pictures from books.

Our boys are pictured below. I created some donuts with a piece of left over cardboard and my younger son is intensely focused while he paints frosting.

Water Color Art Donut Craft
Water Color Art Donut Craft


We began our preschool learning with the Peaceful Preschool. The Peaceful Preschool recommends glitter glue to create sensory, textured alphabet flashcards. At first, I thought the glitter glue ran out too quickly. However, we have used them with all of the letters thus far. The glitter glue is one of my children’s favorite parts.

I have witnessed their fine motor skills improve. Their hand writing skills have begun to emerge by using these glitter pens. They love picking and choosing different colors to trace their letters. My oldest son has recently taken an interest in writing!

watercolor of brown bear
watercolor of a brown bear


Simply Learning Kids recommends these alphabet letter stamps. I ordered some from Amazon. The boys have loved using them to stamp the letters they are focusing on.

We have some other alphabet stamps from Michael’s also, but these particular ones above have a great shape and structure. They are perfect for little hands to hold onto while stamping letters. My children also have fun putting these away. They find the correct place holders for them and put them back in the box when they are finished using them. We were so excited to discover this item since its a great practical life skill!

watercolor and art
Finally, Watercolor arts


SaltyTribe recommended these oil pastelsWe have so much fun using them! I have created simple Winnie the Pooh drawings with them and the boys love to use them. My boys love to freely draw with the pastels and usually make a big mess. I don’t mind the mess since they are creative!

My children make large, sweeping shapes with the pastels and add various colors on the page. They are the best crayons we have every used. We decided to purchase them since they were so affordable. We are thankful we have these amazing pastels since they have turned into so many interesting art projects.


The glass jars and cherry wood holder are on my list of future purchases since they are beautiful! They are a beautiful addition to any child’s work space (or adults for that matter). They would store the paints very well and also be a beautiful and functional item. It seems like nice quality Stockmar paints are often paired together with these.

Finally, what are you favorite preschool art supplies?


Lowercase Alphabet Stamps
Watercolor Paper
Modeling Clay
Natural Eco Dough and Tools
Chalk Pastels

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Hi, I'm Randi! I'm the blessed Mama of two amazing little boys, Hudson (age 4.5) and Jude (age 3). I'm honored to be able to homeschool my preschoolers and we are trying to be intentional with our children each day. I'm all about slowing down, leading as natural a life as we can, spending time outdoors, and enjoying the simple, ordinary moments of life. I have always had health and wellness as an intense passion. Now I get to share it with my children!

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