paleo doughnuts sprinkles

Paleo Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts


I have never been a big fan of doughnuts, even though I love sweets. I fondly remember trips to Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts with my parents. However, I was very picky in choosing flavors. While I absolutely love chocolate, I never cared for chocolate doughnuts. Call me a chocolate connoisseur – I’m super picky about my chocolate. Even as a child, I felt like they were not really chocolate.

I usually ended up picking glazed blueberry doughnuts with a side of chocolate milk. The sugary sweets were absolutely delicious at the time. Finally, a sugar crash usually followed consumption of the treats and I didn’t feel all that great. Yet, strangely it would leave me wanting more.

Paleo Doughnuts
Paleo Doughnuts


I homeschool my preschoolers, and we are following the Peaceful Preschool curriculum. Check out the fun we had with the letter D unit! We read If You Give a Dog a Donut as part of the D unit. Since I’m a big sweet lover, I knew I wanted to make doughnuts with my boys to go with the unit.

We have been following mostly a Paleo diet. We mainly eat a whole foods diet, with as many nutrients as possible. It is key for optimal health and feeling your best. My husband is gluten-intolerant, so we avoid gluten in nearly all our home cooking. I searched for paleo doughnut recipes on Pinterest and came up with a few we would like to try. My husband loves cinnamon rolls so when I found a cinnamon roll recipe for these treats, I knew we found the recipe for us!

paleo doughnuts sprinkles
paleo doughnuts sprinkles


doughnut pan
doughnut pan

Try these doughnuts below in order to have a paleo option without dairy, gluten or sugar.

Doughnut Ingredients
Doughnut Ingredients
Note: If you want to make Chocolate Doughnuts, add in 1 tablespoon of raw cocoa powder to the batter and top with cocoa nibs before baking.

3/4 cup coconut flour, sifted
1 cup almond flour, sifted
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 pinch of sea salt
4 large eggs
1/2 cup almond milk
2 tablespoons almond butter
1 tablespoon tahini
1/2 cup raw honey

Preheat your oven to 350'F. Grease a doughnut pan with coconut oil. I used this doughnut pan here. This one also looks amazing. 

Mix all of the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Then, in a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and mix it together with the almond milk. 

Melt your nut butters and honey in a saucepan the stovetop. Stir the mixture together until it becomes thick. 

Next, combine the nut butters, honey, egg, and milk mixture with the dry ingredients. Stir it all together until its a thick batter.

Finally, transfer the mixture into the greased doughnut pan and bake for 25-30 minutes. You will know when they are cooked when the tops are golden brown. Allow the doughnuts to sit in the doughnut pan for five minutes, then remove them and set them on a baker's rack to cool. Once cooled down, you can frost them.  

5 tablespoons coconut butter, melted
2 tablespoons alternative sugar of your choice
almond milk

Combine all of the frosting ingredients with a spoon, and stir it together until it thickens like a batter. Spoon onto the doughnuts until they are coated. Finally, we added rainbow sprinkles for an extra special touch. We normally don't use colored dyes in our house, but I felt once would be a treat. Alternatively, you could sprinkle cinnamon on top! 

This recipe was adapted from the bigmansworld. You can find the original recipe here. Arman has created some amazing clean sweets and I can’t wait to try some others out!

We also made these adorable apple “doughnuts” with cream cheese and almond butter for breakfast!

almond butter apple doughnuts
almond butter apple doughnuts
apple slices with cream cheese doughnuts
apple slices with cream cheese doughnuts


Hi, I'm Randi! I'm the blessed Mama of two amazing little boys, Hudson (age 4.5) and Jude (age 3). I'm honored to be able to homeschool my preschoolers and we are trying to be intentional with our children each day. I'm all about slowing down, leading as natural a life as we can, spending time outdoors, and enjoying the simple, ordinary moments of life. I have always had health and wellness as an intense passion. Now I get to share it with my children!

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