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20 Nature Field Trip Ideas


Our first official year of preschool at home begins soon. Learning at home is a great fit for us because it affords us unique and natural learning opportunities. One benefit of homeschooling is the chance to take field trips together. Field trips provide many educational benefits to children such as real-life experience, tactile learning, and community service opportunities.

Camp ben mcculloch
Camp ben mcculloch


Charlotte Mason was a homeschooling pioneer who believed learning in nature was extremely important. She wrote, “We are all meant to be naturalists, each in his own degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of the marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things.”

According to Nature Play WA, children who regularly play in nature:

  • Get sick less often
  • Are calmer and less stressed
  • Are stimulated through imagination, creativity, and acquire advanced language skills
strawberry farm
first, strawberry farm



  • Charlotte Mason Preschool – This guide encourages overwhelmed homeschooling mamas of preschoolers by providing lifestyle tips on how to implement a Charlotte Mason education.
  • Exploring Nature with Children – This works well for my family because it is centered around being outdoors. Please make sure to click “Preview” on the upper right corner to view the handbook before purchasing.
  • Midsummer: Celebrating the Seasons -Celebrating The Seasons With Children is a series of handbooks written to guide you, step by step, in creating meaningful and authentic celebrations for your own family. If you are interested, make sure to click “Preview” on the upper right corner to view the handbook.
Letter A Preschool Unit
Letter A Preschool Unit



While you can attend these places in your local area, many of them are located just outside of Austin, TX. I have also included links to the specific places we have been to in our area in case you are nearby!

1. Farm

It’s wonderful to allow your children to taste fresh produce from a farm since it often tastes better. There are more nutrients preserved in the foods because the food is fresh. We have enjoyed wonderful visits to Sweet Berry Farms, Blue Butterfly Farms, and Homestead Farms since they are close.

blue butterfly farmblue butterfly farm

2. Aquarium

These are great because children will have a chance to see fish and marine life up close. I can’t wait to take them to the Austin Aquarium. Their website states children can feed the fish, hold a snake and feed lizards and iguanas.

3. Nature Center

We are lucky to have many beautiful nature preserves and spots close to our home so we visit them often. Hamilton Pool Preserve and Westcave Preserve are a few minutes from our house. We have visited them both but since we are so close, we will be visiting more frequently. These two spots offer breathtaking beauty and a great opportunity to learn respect for nature.

Hamilton Pool Family
Hamilton Pool Family

4. Pumpkin Patch 

Barton Hill Farms was wonderful when we attended last Fall. We look forward to returning this year because there are so many wonderful activities for children. Children can pick out and paint their own pumpkins, ride hayrides, climb tractors, pet farm animals and eat some delicious farm foods.

5. Garden Nursery 

We attend the Natural Gardener because of its a great resource for gardening, edible plants, plants, trees, and flowers. My children love to visit because there are farm animals for them to view, mazes for them to walk through, a butterfly garden, and many things to touch!

6. Library

We read to our children probably an hour or more per day so books are abundant in our home! We attempt to find as many of the books in the curriculums at the library first before trying Half Price books. Then, we use Amazon if we need to. My boys love our local library because there is a play area designed for children. They also love finding their own books to bring to me for a read aloud.

Charlotte Mason Preschool
Charlotte Mason Preschool

7. Farmer’s Market 

Every Sunday, we go to the Lonestar Bee Cave Farmer’s Market to collect our CSA share and purchase a few more items. Learn more about why we love Farmer’s Markets here.

counting carrots with letter c unitcounting carrots with letter c unit

8. Zoo 

In our first year here, we were members of the Austin Sanctuary Zoo. The zoo is unique because they have mainly animals that that were given from people that no longer could care for them or animals that were rescued. My boys love to ride the zoo train too! Our favorite animals to see are the tigers, bears, and wolves.

9. River

My lovely neighbor introduced me to a beautiful place at Camp Ben Mcculloch. We love how peaceful it is. We also live very close to Reimer’s Ranch Park. Pedernales Falls has also been another favorite watering spot.

Camp Ben MccullochCamp Ben Mcculloch

10. Bakery

I used to own a cupcake shop so we spent a great deal of time seeking out bakeries and cupcake shops in our past. It has been a while since we have visited one so I’m thinking of attending one of these soon: Wildwood Bakehouse or The Steeping Room.

carrot cake cupcakescarrot cake cupcakes

Favorite Vanilla Bean Cupcake Recipe
Favorite Vanilla Bean Cupcake Recipe

11. Nature Hike

We are lucky since we have 10 acres. My husband and his Dad cut a walking path in the back of the property and we try to take a hike in the back once or twice a week.

20 Nature Field Trip Ideas
20 Nature Field Trip Ideas

then, Boys Nature Hike

12. Bird Sanctuary

I’m excited to check out Travis Audobon with our boys soon!

13. Book Store

We frequent Half Price Books probably too much, however, we love books! They are such a great learning tool.

14. Picnic

Pack your lunch and head outside for a treat! We utilize eating outdoors often while we are traveling and love heading to a local playground with a picnic.

Helping hands in kitchen. Fresh vegetables.Helping hands in the kitchen. Fresh vegetables.

15. Beach

We recently went to Galveston Island State Park and it was beautiful. Going to the beach is such a sensory experience. Children can easily make use of their senses at the sea: hearing the ocean waves, tasting the salty air, feeling the sand and sea, watching the waves come in.

beach timethen, beach time

16. Feed Store

I’m looking forward to taking our children to the feed store. When I was a child, I remembered looking forward to going to the feed store with my parents. I loved touching and seeing the baby animals for sale!

17. Pick Wildflowers

We loved Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center so much that we became members. The boys are exposed to a wide variety of wildflowers, trees, plants, grasses for this area. There is so much beauty there.

20 Nature Field Trip Ideas
20 Nature Field Trip Ideas

next, nourished children wildflowers

18. Bee Farm

We visited Bee Friendly Austin with a Wild and Free group. We learned so much, got up close to a hive, and ended our trip with honey sampling!

19. Fire Station

One of our favorite co-op visits was to the local Dripping Springs Fire Station. We climbed on a firetruck, learned about how firemen prepare for their job, touched heavy equipment and listened to the loud sirens.

20. Botanical Gardens

Visiting the Austin Botanical Gardens was amazing. It was a beautiful place with tranquil paths, waterfalls, native plants and wildlife. We are looking forward to another visit.

b is for bluebonnetFinally, b is for bluebonnet

I’m finishing up my homeschool preschool organization, planning and ordering a few more supplies. Find a great supply list here.

Finally, what are your favorite nature field trip ideas?



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