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Before and After Homeschool Space

First, I wanted to share our homeschool style and why we went this route. Keep reading to see what’s in our homeschool space.

Homeschool Space
Homeschool Space



I’m super excited because my children are home for preschool. We began the Peaceful Preschool very slowly last year. My oldest, at four, loves it and asks for more activities! My youngest, at three, sometimes joins in and sometimes simply observes his older brother. I connect well with a Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling. However, I also score highly with Montessori and Waldorf.

Reading quality literature, and having plenty of nature play and free time is important. Our home is filled with natural light, and beautiful, simple materials. Some may call us minimalists. We include our children in our daily life as much as we can. We also make many of their daily tasks easy for them to accomplish independently.

homeschool space after
homeschool space after


I found this great quiz to determine your best homeschooling style and was surprised at the results. I was most drawn to Charlotte Mason, followed by Montessori and Waldorf, however, I also scored high on many of the other styles. Since I scored positively on all areas of learning, I realized I would be willing to try any learning approach that may suit my children best. You can also learn more about homeschooling styles hereThe Peaceful Preschool has been great for us because it incorporates Charlotte Mason, Montessori and Waldorf styles.


Before Homeschool Space
Before Homeschool Space

I craved a simple learning home space for our boys. The space pictured above is next to our dining room table. It is our only dining room wall. For many months, these fabulous open-ended toys were here for the children to play with. Kitchens, farm stands and toys such as these are great because they encourage imagination, language, social skills and team work. However, it turned into an un-organized mess in a prime space in our home. Finally, the children’s table was covered with clutter making it unusable.


nature posters
nature posters

We do most of our school activities at the dining table. It really made sense to use this space for learning since it is next to our dining table. It felt so good, once we refreshed this space!

overview after space
overview after


  • TABLE: I found our adorable children’s table at sprout-kids. We purchased it for my youngest son’s third birthday. I ordered the table set with stools (it was a better price) and they accidentally sent us the chairs. So, they offered for us to keep the chairs since it as their mistake. The boys love having their own furniture that is their size.
  • CHALKBOARD: We ordered this huge magnetic chalkboard for a great price! My children have a great space to practice handwriting and hang their artwork and projects too! This has been such a valuable resource for us and we love it. It also comes with a shelf to store your chalk.
  • CHALKBOARD MARKERS: We love this best seller of colorful, non-toxic, dust-free chalk markers.
  • MARKET BASKETS: I have a slight love for market baskets. We use these to store our books for the week and for daily books we pull out during morning time. These baskets are also in various places throughout our home to store our children’s toys.
  • NATURE POSTERS: I found 15 small posters for $3.50 TOTAL through Smokey the Bear. These are also adorable.
  • CAVALINNI POSTERS: I ADORE these. They were $15 for two.
  • MAPS: We have these are they are super great for a beginning student!
  • ART SUPPLIES: We store nice quality crayons, colored pencils, paintbrushes and pencils in recycled mason jars.
  • NATURE TREASURES: We love taking nature hikes in the back. My children gather treasures from the ground and we bring them back to display on our table. We have also used air-dry clay to make an impression of the treasures. Finally, we paint the dried clay and have an ornament to keep forever.
  • PLANTS: My favorite plant is the fiddle leaf fig. It is a fast growing plant. We purchased a small plant at a nursery and over the years, it is now taller than my husband. Its great to have real greenery in your children’s learning space. The boys help water and take care of the plants too!
chalkboard view
chalkboard view
chalkboard side
chalkboard side

What does your homeschool space look like? Do you have a designated homeschool space, or does it simply take place organically at your table or living room? I believe any option works well! Simply find the space that makes sense for your family. Finally, check out our favorite supplies.

ADORABLE POSTERS…Fitting to our area!



Hi, I'm Randi! I'm the blessed Mama of two amazing little boys, Hudson (age 4.5) and Jude (age 3). I'm honored to be able to homeschool my preschoolers and we are trying to be intentional with our children each day. I'm all about slowing down, leading as natural a life as we can, spending time outdoors, and enjoying the simple, ordinary moments of life. I have always had health and wellness as an intense passion. Now I get to share it with my children!

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