A Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson

A Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson

A Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson


A Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson
A Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson

Before we begin A Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson …

First, I explain why I’m focusing subject by subject. Also, I include Charlotte Mason quotes because I find her original lectures on education to be SO inspiring and helpful.

Next, please keep reading to see the break down of implementing lessons, the schedule, and resources I’m using that fit our family. Finally, I share the wealth of quality Charlotte Mason resources I have found helpful, from those mothers who have gone before me.


“Our aim in education is to give a full life. We owe it to them to initiate an immense number of interests.” (Mason, vol. 3)

There are MANY subjects included in a Charlotte Mason education because she believed in spreading a wide feast. Sometimes, it feels a bit daunting for a new homeschooling mama.

Therefore, I’m attempting to learn, digest, and absorb how I’m going to be teaching each subject. I have decided to compose a blog post on each subject for Form 1B (roughly First Grade). This will help me prepare to teach my oldest son in the Fall.

“The mind feeds on ideas, and therefore children should have a generous curriculum.” (Mason, vol. 1)

A Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson 


“That the child should be taken daily, if possible, to scenes–moor or meadow, park, common, or shore–where he may find new things to examine, and so add to his store of real knowledge.” (Mason, vol. 1)

First, a Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson uses stories about science which include scientific facts, according to A Delectable Education. These books are often written by Naturalists.

“It is in no sense a text-book, although the fundamental principals underlying the sciences treated are here laid down. Its main object is to help the child to understand the material world about him.” (Mason, vol. 1)

Finally, one of my favorite quotes about Nature:

“An observant child should be put in the way of things worth observing.” (Mason, vol. 1)


  • The first type of book covers a general topic. An example could be THIS book.
  • The second type of book specifically looks at narrowed down types of plants or animals. Also, an example of a specific book could be THIS.
  • Finally, the third book, covers Special Studies, which is the topic of the next blog post! We have checked THIS book out before, and we would do so again, because it would be perfect for Special Studies!



Charlotte Mason mentions Nature Lore Books should be written by a Naturalist, because they are experts in their field. Yet, the books can also be engaging and interesting to the child.

“There are many (Nature Lore Books) to be had, all pleasant reading, man of them written by scientific men, and yet requiring little or no scientific knowledge for their enjoyment.” (Mason, vol. 1)

I choose books that would support Nature we have close to us in our yard, since this would be more attainable.

Also, I looked closely to the seasons to use books that would support what would be naturally occurring throughout the year. Therefore, we should be able to go outside, and observe what we are reading about during our Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson.


Since we plan to use these for many early elementary years, I made sure to include a nice variety! Charlotte Mason refers to a wide feast, so I sought out many good authors to include over the next few years for Nature Lore books.

A Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson
A Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson


Charlotte Mason describes the Nature Lore Lesson as occurring one time a week. Each lesson lasts about 10 minutes. Typically, you could read about 30-40 pages per term. Therefore, you would read about 4 pages out of your book per lesson.


First, Charlotte Mason advocated using Naturalist Books because:

“The real use of naturalists’ books at this stage is to give the child delightful glimpses into the world of wonders he lives in, to reveal the sort of things to be seen by curious eyes, and fill him with desire to make discoveries for himself.” (Mason, vol. 1)

Also, Nature Study in general, was such a significant part of a Charlotte Mason Education because:

“It is infinitely well worth the mother’s while to take some pains every day to secure, in the first place, that her children spend hours daily amongst rural and natural objects; and, in the second place, to infuse into them, or rather, to cherish in them, the love of investigation.” (Mason, vol. 1)

Finally, Ms. Mason mentions the importance of Nature Study because it serves as the basis of Science.

“That the child’s observation should be directed to flower or boulder, bird or tree; that, in fact, he should be employed in gathering the common information which is the basis of scientific knowledge.” (Mason, vol. 1)


  • First, the parent reads to the child. For a six year old, many parents can expect to read the school books to the children. Once the child is able to read the materials on their own, they can begin reading their own school books.
  • Second, the parent asks the child to tell back what he heard. This is called narration.
  • Finally, through this process, the child knows the materials.

This process of reading, narrating, and knowing was the typical method of a lesson in a Charlotte Mason education.


Finally, I have come across some outstanding resources in learning about a Charlotte Mason education. I’m so happy to share them with you! Some of these are sources I return to daily because I’m preparing to teach my children. Additionally, I list specific resources for a Charlotte Mason Nature Lore Lesson.



  • A Delectable Education Podcast on Nature Lore
  • One more A Delectable Education Podcast on Nature Lore lesson with a seven year old
  • Sabbath Mood Homeschool Nature Lore Book List – an AMAZING resource of Nature Lore books per Form (Grade)
  • Exploring Nature Curriculum with Children – A Nature Topic for each week, based on a Charlotte Mason education. Each week, she includes lovely books that could easily serve as Nature Lore books, so I wanted to include it here! (HINT: If you click on this link, make sure you click “Preview” to check out the curriculum!)


Also, check out these previous blog posts in the series:

Thank you so much for checking in! Finally, please stay tuned for the next ‘A Charlotte Mason Subject Lesson’ post.

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All of the quotes mentioned in this blog post, come from Home Education by Charlotte Mason. The Living Press published my favorite version of her books. I TRULY recommend any parent read Charlotte Mason’s books! They are truly treasured words I believe I will be reading and re-reading for many years to come.


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