charlotte mason music appreciation

A Charlotte Mason Music Appreciation Lesson

A Charlotte Mason Music Appreciation Lesson

charlotte mason music appreciation
charlotte mason music appreciation


Before we begin A Charlotte Mason Music Appreciation Lesson …

First, I explain why I’m focusing subject by subject. Also, I include Charlotte Mason quotes because I find her original lectures on education to be awe inspiring and helpful.

Next, please keep reading to see the break down of implementing lessons, the schedule, and resources I’m using that fit our family. Finally, I share the wealth of quality Charlotte Mason resources I have found helpful, from those mothers who have gone before me.


“Our aim in education is to give a full life. We owe it to them to initiate an immense number of interests.” (Mason, vol. 3)

There are MANY subjects included in a Charlotte Mason education because she believed in spreading a wide feast. Sometimes, it feels a bit daunting for a new homeschooling mama.

Therefore, I’m attempting to learn, digest, and absorb how I’m going to be teaching each subject. I have decided to compose a blog post on each subject for Form 1B (roughly first grade). This will help me prepare to teach my oldest son in the Fall.

“Every day, every hour, the parents are either passively or actively forming those habits in their children upon which, more than upon anything else, future character and conduct depend.” (Mason, vol. 6)


A Charlotte Mason Music Appreciation Lesson


charlotte mason music appreciation
charlotte mason music appreciation


“Use every chance you get of hearing music (I do not mean only tones, though these are very nice), and ask whose music has been played, and, by degrees, you will find out that one composer has one sort of thing to say to you; and another speaks other things; these messages of the musicians cannot be put into words, so there is no way of hearing them if we do not train our ear to listen.” (Mason, vol. 4)

Music Appreciation programs and resources were published in the Parent’s Review articles for parents. However, I have difficulty finding them. However, I did see in on article that “a program of Brahm’s, as well as Bach’s music was to be heard” for beginning students.


Also, we may try to go see a live performance of the Nutcracker this year!


  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    • 3 Pieces from the Nutcracker
    • 1 Piece from Swan Lake Op. 20
    • 1 Piece from Sleeping Beauty
    • 1812 Overture Op. 49
  • Antonio Vivaldi
    • 4 Pieces from the Four Seasons
    • Gloria (choral work)
    • 1 Violin Concerto Piece
  • Johannes Brahms
    • Piano Concerto No. 2
    • Symphany No. 1
    • Variations on a theme of Haydn
    • Violin Concerto in D
    • Wiegenlied (Lullaby)
    • Hungarian Dance in G Minor


“Hearing should tell us a a great many interesting things, but the great and perfect joy which we owe to him is music.” (Mason, vol. 4)

Music Appreciation is a beautiful lesson. Listening to music provides value such as helping hone a child’s attention skills. It also provides a nice change of a subject in the morning lessons (perhaps in between two tougher subjects such as math and literature.

“But Musical Appreciation had no more to do with playing an instrument than acting had to do with an appreciation of Shakespeare, or painting with enjoyment of pictures. I think that all children should take Musical Appreciation and not only the musical ones, for it has been proved that only three percent of children are what is called ‘tone-deaf’; and if they are taken at an early age it is astonishing how children who appear to be without ear, develop it and are able to enjoy listening to music with understanding.” (Mason, vol. 6)

Also, Mrs. Howard Glover states in one Parent’s Review Article: “It is also necessary to training the ear to an understanding of the classics, in order that a child may enter into the heritage which genius has bequeathed to him; in order, too, that he should understand and love the literature of music, in the same way that we try to imbue him with an appreciation with all the great masterpieces of writers and painters.”

She goes onto say: “With this end in view, it is suggested during the coming three months the teacher…should play the following compositions to the children, beginning with one movement if necessary, and gradually extending the repertoire, until they become well-known and loved.” 


Charlotte Mason describes the Music Appreciation Lesson as occurring once a week, for ten minutes. Additionally, it is recommended to also listen to music each afternoon, or as much as possible.


Charlotte Mason recommends to study one composer per term. There were three terms in a Charlotte Mason education, therefore, there are three composers studied each year.


charlotte mason music appreciation
charlotte mason music appreciation


  • First, tell your children the composer’s name and briefly mention a biography about him.
  • Then, play the piece you have picked out.
  • Next, ask the child to listen attentively to the music.
  • Charlotte Mason’s programs recommend to have the child listen to name, form, and pulse of the music.
  • Maybe point out instruments or one or two musical terms appropriate to the piece.
  • Also, listen to the piece outside of the school morning lessons as much as possible during afternoons.
  • Finally, sit with the piece until the child knows the piece well. Perhaps the child can hum the piece.
  • You could also choose to attend concerts, orchestras, or ballets with your children.


  • Nicole Williams from A Delectable Education urges mothers to prepare and have resources together before beginning the term. Therefore, I have selected three composers, printed some biography information, and created a playlist on Spotify so our pieces are ready to listen to. Since the lesson is super short, and only once a week, time management will be crucial here.


Finally, I have come across some outstanding resources in learning about a Charlotte Mason education. I’m so happy to share them with you! Some of these are sources I return to daily because I’m preparing to teach my children. Additionally, I list specific resources for a Charlotte Mason Music Lesson.




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Thank you so much for checking in! Finally, please stay tuned for the next ‘A Charlotte Mason Subject Lesson’ post.

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All of the quotes mentioned in this blog post, come from Home Education by Charlotte Mason. The Living Press published my favorite version of her books. Finally, I TRULY recommend any parent read Charlotte Mason’s books! They are truly treasured words I believe I will be reading and re-reading for many years to come.


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