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Essential Homeschool Preschool Supplies


My children are at home for preschool. I enjoy keeping them close, and because I love learning and teaching, this is a good fit for our family. While you don’t need a ton of materials to get started teaching your children, there are some key supplies very useful to have on hand. I love online shopping on Amazon because it is so convenient, especially when you have littles. I like to click on items we need, and then click on “Save it for Later” because it will save in my Amazon cart. Then, when financially possible, I move it to my cart so we can purchase what we need!

letter b preschool unit
Then, letter b preschool unit supplies


First, find a yearly planner you love to use because you will use it often. I like the ones without dates because you can customize it to fit your needs. We use the curriculum from since it has been amazing for us! I can’t wait to share with you some lovely lessons we are moving through from the Peaceful Preschool since they have been fun and filled with learning. You can also download unit A for FREE to see if it is a good fit for your family! Finally, we use both our dinner table and a child sized table for our preschool needs.



We mostly spend our time together, reading classic books, and playing with art! We value nature outings, a minimal home atmosphere, and quality children’s toys and materials. However, it can be expensive to choose quality! Therefore, we include both quality items and affordable items when we choose our homeschool supplies. My boys love to freely draw with the oil pastels and usually make a big mess. I don’t mind the mess because they are creative!





We purchased our wooden calendar fromJennifer Etsy shop since it is adorable. This may be one of the most expensive purchases yet, but it is such a great and beautiful learning resource. We enjoy talking about change of seasons, months, weeks and days with this beautiful resource. We also bought the small wooden clock and this wooden alphabet tracing board. I could purchase one of each item from their shop since they are so beautiful and well made.

I also purchased the nature themed play dough set from the Montessorirestore shop for my son’s birthday. My children could play with this for hours daily. The set allows for their creativity, and I love they are playing with items from nature. They use the play dough to form letters and also reinforce concepts from the stories they are hearing.



We stick close to the books that are part of the Peaceful Preschool curriculum because they are typically classics. You can find the books listed below on Amazon. You can also choose to check them out at the library for free! Below are some books we love that are additional to the curriculum we use. My children bring these to many over and over to read aloud because they are so good!





butterfly symmetry art
Then, butterfly symmetry art supplies because we love art
preschool nature counting
Finally, Preschool Nature Counting


Also, here are five amazing art supplies for preschoolers.


While there are tons of useful learning supplies for your homeschool preschool, these are the ones I have found to be necessary for us.

Finally, what are your favorite homeschool supplies?