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9 Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Easter Basket


Here is an Easter gift guide list including some of the favorite things that we love!

Hopefully, this inspires you with some Easter gift ideas! I start with nine gifts for your preschooler, four more gifts I couldn’t resist including, and finish with some lovely Easter books. Many of these items we have and love, and many are on our wish list! Most items included have a nature theme since we are heavy into Charlotte Mason over here and two little boys and nature mix together very well!


9 Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers
9 Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers
  1. Montessori Flower Nature Puzzle – At $15, I feel like these are a great quality, beautiful and the your Preschoolers would learn about nature as they put these puzzles together. HINT: there are MANY lovely puzzles when you click on this link…I wouldn’t mind owning several of these!
  2. Wood Jar Paint Holders – I have been thinking about these paint jars for more than a year. My oldest (5) LOVES to paint with watercolors and I have seen this recommended by many mamas. I know this will serve us well for many years to come as we learn to draw, paint, and enjoy art!
  3. Jesus Storybook Bible – I cannot say enough GREAT THINGS about this Bible version. We have read probably 3-4 different children’s Bible versions and this is BY FAR our FAVORITE!!! The way the author tells the stories coupled with the beautiful illustrations is phenomenal. Since we love it so much, I have gifted to this other kiddos! It is truly beautiful.
  4. Live Butterfly Kit – We have never hatched butterflies before but it is definitely on our bucket list! I like this version because it looks like it has everything included and it seems inexpensive!
  5. Watercolor Paint Set – We own a similar travel watercolor set and LOVE it. This set caught my eye since it contains so many colors with the set. I think its beautiful! Its nice to have an inexpensive set to take with you on nature walks especially as the children grow.
  6. An Egg is Quiet – We have this one, along with some of the other books in the set, like A Seed is Sleepy, and A Nest is Noisy. I really love these books. The illustrations are lovely and they are full of information. My children particularly love the Egg book and enjoy drawing and coloring in their own eggs from the book pages.
  7. Wooden Eggs – Some of our favorite toys are ones that are open-ended and inspire imaginative play. Play is SO important for a child’s development. The best ones, in my opinion, are simple, well-made and inspire the child to act out scenes and prepare for real-world life. We love our kitchen toys and these eggs would make a nice addition!
  8. If You Plant a Seed – We do not own this book but the illustrations look lovely! I have seen it in the bookstore and the story plot seems like a great character building book. The adorable bunny plants carrots and cabbage in the garden to watch it grow, and wonders what would happen if you plant kindness or selfishness in the garden?
  9. Organic Beeswax Crayons – these organic,  non-toxic crayons look lovely! My oldest, at age 5, loves to get out his coloring book and color. These crayons would make a lovely addition to any Easter basket!
  10. Flower Families – a Go Fish game with beautiful flower illustrations.


More Easter Ideas
More Easter Ideas
  1. Match a Pair of Birds Memory Game – We have Bug Bingo, which is a game by the same illustrator/creator. My two boys (ages 3 and 5) LOVE Bug Bingo and honestly, so do I! I love it because it is simple enough for them to understand how to play, the game is beautiful, and they are learning as they play! Memory Games are generally wonderful for Preschool/Toddler ages and this game would be a delight!
  2. Kids Garden Tool Set – Over the years, we have been gifted various garden sets (I think our families have gathered that we love nature and spend time outside!!!). This adorable bag and garden set caught my eye, and at $7 for the set, you can’t beat the price!
  3. Window Bird Feeder – I have seen window bird feeders recommended many times from Mamas. I need to take their advice and order it for our family! Spring is the PERFECT time of year to view birds since they are returning from winter to build their nests!! They are clear so you can literally look right out your window and view them!
  4. Eco-Eggs Color Kit – We have this set and have already had a head start on the kit! It comes in an egg carton, and everything you need is included in the kit. We have grown our own wheat grass together, and the next step will be coloring eggs with the natural dyes that are included in the set, and then coloring the eggs with the natural beeswax crayon included!
  5. Sibley Backyard Bird Flashcards –  This makes learning about birds so fun!


Easter Book Ideas
Easter Book Ideas
  1. The Story of the Easter Robin – This book was recommended by Sarah Makenzie from the Read Aloud Revival. I was fortunate enough to attend a homeschooling conference and see her this weekend and she was so lovely! This story has beautiful illustrations and the story teaches compassion and faith.
  2. The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes – We picked up this lovely story last Spring. Its a lovely story of a Mama and I think any Mama should read it to herself and little ones.
  3. Rechenka’s Eggs – This book is included in the Peaceful Preschool curriculum. I love exposing my children to different cultures. Through stories, they can learn about far off lands without us traveling there and it is such a great learning opportunity.
  4. A Tale for Easter – This was another book recommended by the Read Aloud Revival. I have other Tasha Tudor’s books that we love such as A Time to Keep. Her illustrations are always inspiring and the explanation of Easter and how it relates to family traditions are inspiring!
  5. The Very First Easter – A new Easter gift that will arrive in their basket this year!
  6. The Story of the Easter Robin – Another sweet book that must be shared with little ones!

I hope this guide was helpful to you in your Easter gifts selections for you and your loved ones. 🙂 Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and Spring time!!!



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Top Preschool Supplies

Exploring Nature with Children

Exploring Nature with Children Journal


Top Gift Ideas for Mama, Toddler, and Baby


Over the last six years, we have found some wonderful children’s items. I wanted to share some of them with you!

This post includes a list of some of our favorite things. Hopefully, this inspires you with some Christmas gift ideas! I start with gifts for baby, learning toys, gifts for nature loving kids, nature book ideas, and finish with gifts for mama. Many of these items we have and love, and many are on our wish list! Most items included have a nature or natural theme since that is one of the things we value and cherish.


Baby Gifts
Baby Gifts
  1. Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket – We had similar blankets for the boys when they were babies and LOVE them. I almost always try to give this as a gift to my mama to be friends. They are super soft, organic and so versatile. They are large enough that you can swaddle babies and use them as the children grow! My boys continue to seek their blankets in cold weather.
  2. TinyTot Wooden Balance Bike and Tricycle – This is so adorable. It is so beautiful! I would have purchased one of these for my boys in their younger years if I had seen it! This seems to be a great price for a balance bike.
  3. Nature Wooden Mini Puzzles – These are super cute and perfect for little fingers.
  4. Natural Wooden Baby Teether – These are super cute and so important when baby wants to explore by putting objects in their mouth.
  5. Baby/Toddler Bamboo Spoons – I didn’t include these on the picture above, but these are so adorable. Its great when you can find perfect feeding spoons for the first couple of years!


  1. Wooden Xylophone – I’m not sure about your children, but my children would LOVE this toy! Last Christmas, we purchased them a mini piano and drum set and they STILL love to play on them! Children can learn so much from music, songs, and learning to play an instrument.
  2. PlanToys Wooden Bee Hive – This is so adorable and great for learning! Children can count, recognize colors, make patterns, and work on fine motor skills with this fun toy!
  3. Hape Alphabet Learning Puzzle – We have a colorful wooden alphabet puzzle but I have always been interested in this one. It seems this year, Hape has reduced the price quite a bit! If I we didn’t already have a wooden alphabet, we would snatch this up.
  4. Oil Pastels – I had to include these here too. My youngest son (age three) especially loves making art with these!

Here is a helpful list of our favorite, well-used Preschool Supplies.


Nature Gifts
Nature Gifts
  1. Classic Wooden Swing for Adults and Kids – I have a hunch my nature loving boys will love a wooden swing hanging from the oak tree out front. This one can also hold an adult as well! It seems like such a great price!
  2. DIY Terrarium Succulent Planter Kit –  We made a terrarium this year as part of our Exploring Nature with Children curriculum and my boys loved the whole process. They really enjoy caring for plants of their own. Also, its such an easy and beautiful addition to your home!
  3. Wooden Hand-Carved Jump Rope – This would make a great pastime outdoors. My children love to be outside and active. What a unique jumprope to add to their outdoor collection!
  4. Lift and Learn Leaf Puzzle – This would be a beautiful puzzle to have lying around. Kiddos are learning so much about leaves, trees, and each leaf lifts up to reveal more facts about the leaf.
  5. Wooden Insect House – I have seen these at the garden center and I know my boys would delight at housing some insects!


  1. Animalium Activity Book – This looks amazing and I have heard many mamas recommend it! This would have been super to have on our long road trip we recently took. The Animalium Activity book and also Animalium is on our wish list.
  2. Usborne Outdoor Book – I supported a friend who sells Usborne books and the boys are getting this book for Christmas! My boys love the Usborne books. They are so informative and captivate their attention so these are a win.
  3. Nature Anatomy Collection – We use these books almost every other day with our homeschool preschool studies. They are SUCH a wealth or resources. I love the simple, watercoloring drawings and my oldest loves to draw and watercolor using these images as examples. There are so many fun projects in these books to try out as well.
  4. The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh – I think this is a MUST on any children’s book list. We have several copies from when I was a child. This particular copy is so beautifully illustrated and my boys and I have begun reading it through the second time. I highly recommend it!
  5. The Elves and the Shoemaker – I love the classic fairytales. The boys are getting this book for Christmas. I thought it would be a perfect addition for this time of year. I love the author and illustrator so I can’t wait to share this story with the boys!
  6. Tommy Smith’s Animals – Now that my boys are a year older, we have started formal school lessons. This is one of my son’s favorite books. It is a GOOD animal story and so informative.


Mama gifts
Mama gifts
  1. Dead Sea Bath Salts CALM – Anything that evokes a warm, CALM, bath captures my attention. One of my favorite self-care indulgences is a long slow soak in the bath. My boys have even taken this on and we sometimes purchase bath salts at the grocery store to add to their bath. Such an indulgence and pretty inexpensive.
  2. Puracy Natural Household Cleaning Bundle – I have the Puracy dish liquid, hand soap and multi-purpose cleaner on Amazon subscription, which ships to us regularly. I love these cleaners because they are a wonderful product free of harsh chemicals you don’t want in your home. They do a great job and cleaning and smell wonderful too!
  3. Weck Glass Airtight Food Storage Jars – We cook most meals in our home. I’m always on the watch for functional, affordable glass containers to store our pantry items. These are beautiful as well as functional and I can’t wait to snag some for my pantry grains!
  4. Handbook of Nature Study – This giant book is a wealth of information on nature study. I have only scratched the surface, however, I have learned a great deal already. This helps me feel comfortable exploring nature with my children, therefore, it is highly recommended!


  1. Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Blender – We have this blender and it has been well loved and used. I love this bright, cheerful red Christmas color too!
  2. Yoga Mat Bag – This would be a great bag to store your yoga mat in when running to class or while traveling.
  3. Dumbbells – Over the last year, I have added weights into my workout routine. I feel its super important to use some weights occasionally with your workouts especially as we age (hello 35!). I really enjoy these weights and I personally use 3 and 5 lb. weights.
  4. Lululemon Juice Energy Sports Bra – Lululemon makes some really great workout clothes. They are my favorite brand because of their quality and comfort. I have this bra in white but would love it in pin as well!
  5. Stainless Steel Water Bottle – This is not pictured above, but I love a nice quality stainless steel bottle that is not terribly expensive! These are so versatile and we have smaller ones for the boys.

I hope this guide was helpful to you in your Christmas gifts for you and your loved ones. I could keep going….but Mama is ready to rest now 🙂 Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season!