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3 Day Clean Eating Plan for Busy Families


“The parents’ chief care is, that that which they supply shall be wholesome and nourishing, whether in the way of picture-books, lessons, playmates, bread and milk, or mother’s love.”  — Charlotte Mason Home Education pg. 5


Did you know? When you subscribe to my blog, you will now receive a 3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan for Busy Families! What are you waiting for? 

Also, please keep reading to the end for my carefully curated Clean Eating Tools Guide!

clean eating tools
3 Day Clean Eating Plan for Busy Families


When I’m exhausted and don’t have the energy to put into clean eating and feeding my family nutritious foods, I find myself returning to the same foods and meals. Its nice to run on auto-pilot in this area of my life. TO NOT THINK, AND JUST DO … I love having a simple meal plan to fall back on when I need it. Enter the 3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan for Busy Families!

bamboo storage 2
bamboo storage 2



When you subscribe to this blog, you will receive a 3 Day Clean Eating Plan. I have curated the foods and meals specifically for their nourishing qualities (think balanced meals), and also meals that are enjoyed by my whole family. I wanted to make sure to include familiar foods,  nourishing foods,  and foods that my children don’t grumble about. These meals are ones that we have had so often, they have become “muscle memory” for me. Therefore, I don’t have to have to put forth much mental effort in preparing these meals for my family!


The 3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan comes with a suggested meal plan for 3 days (I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday written on the template but you can insert any days you wanted to try it!). You will receive the meal recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks for each day.


When my boys eat a snack in between meals, I snack with them too! Its a great way to keep energy up throughout your day, and you don’t get so hangry that you choose unhealthy meals later. The 3 Day Clean Eating Plan also includes Cooking Notes on some of my favorite cooking methods. Its essentially a “how to” prepare some of the food items.

wood cutting board
wood cutting board



Next, I have carefully put together my favorite and most used clean eating kitchen tools. I use these items daily and could always use an extra set around the house! These are my truly favorite and must have items. I previously wrote an article here about my favorite tools to use in the kitchen if you are looking for more!


clean eating tools
  1. Kitchen Aid Blender – We have had this blender for probably 8 or 9 years and its still going strong! I use it to make my daily superfoods protein smoothies! Its truly a workhorse in our kitchen!
  2. Organic Bamboo Cutting Board – I love my wooden cutting boards, especially the ones made from bamboo. I don’t have an organic one, but I would sure love to, and you can’t beat this price!
  3. Pyrex Glass Storage Containers – I prefer using glass storage containers to minimize the amount of plastic touching my food. I have heard for many years plastic contributes to hormone disruption so I try to avoid it when I have the choice!
  4. Oxo Vegetable Peeler – With clean eating, we tend to eat A LOT of vegetables. We use this veggie peeler everyday and I’m always looking for another one (we have three!!!)
  5. Waterdrop Water Filter – I’m always looking to add beauty to my day. I have this Brita water filter now, and it works super great! However, I love this one on my list for its beauty and function.
  6. Wusthof Chef’s Knife – we have had two different sizes of chef’s knife since we were married…about 11 years now! They are SO GOOD…we use them daily and they are holding up just fine! Highly worth the investment.
  7. Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer – I have a silicone vegetable steamer and we use it daily. Its such a quick way to prepare vegetables. Its easier on digestion, and so quick! Steaming food helps preserve the nutrients too!
  8. Glass Storage Container – I’m re-organizing my pantry in the next couple of days. I have many mason jars that I’m repurposing to store food. I love these because they allow you to clearly see the food item to quickly grab and cook!
  9. Stainless Steel Pan – for my birthday, all three of my boys surprised me with a stainless steel cooking pan. I love using stainless steel to cook because it cleans up very well (super sanitary), and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your foods while they cook!


Finally, just wanted to remind you, when you subscribe to my blog, you receive this 3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan for Busy Families! What are you waiting for? 

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Children's Table

Before and After Homeschool Space

First, I wanted to share our homeschool style and why we went this route. Keep reading to see what’s in our homeschool space.

Homeschool Space
Homeschool Space



I’m super excited because my children are home for preschool. We began the Peaceful Preschool very slowly last year. My oldest, at four, loves it and asks for more activities! My youngest, at three, sometimes joins in and sometimes simply observes his older brother. I connect well with a Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling. However, I also score highly with Montessori and Waldorf.

Reading quality literature, and having plenty of nature play and free time is important. Our home is filled with natural light, and beautiful, simple materials. Some may call us minimalists. We include our children in our daily life as much as we can. We also make many of their daily tasks easy for them to accomplish independently.

homeschool space after
homeschool space after


I found this great quiz to determine your best homeschooling style and was surprised at the results. I was most drawn to Charlotte Mason, followed by Montessori and Waldorf, however, I also scored high on many of the other styles. Since I scored positively on all areas of learning, I realized I would be willing to try any learning approach that may suit my children best. You can also learn more about homeschooling styles hereThe Peaceful Preschool has been great for us because it incorporates Charlotte Mason, Montessori and Waldorf styles.


Before Homeschool Space
Before Homeschool Space

I craved a simple learning home space for our boys. The space pictured above is next to our dining room table. It is our only dining room wall. For many months, these fabulous open-ended toys were here for the children to play with. Kitchens, farm stands and toys such as these are great because they encourage imagination, language, social skills and team work. However, it turned into an un-organized mess in a prime space in our home. Finally, the children’s table was covered with clutter making it unusable.


nature posters
nature posters

We do most of our school activities at the dining table. It really made sense to use this space for learning since it is next to our dining table. It felt so good, once we refreshed this space!

overview after space
overview after


  • TABLE: I found our adorable children’s table at sprout-kids. We purchased it for my youngest son’s third birthday. I ordered the table set with stools (it was a better price) and they accidentally sent us the chairs. So, they offered for us to keep the chairs since it as their mistake. The boys love having their own furniture that is their size.
  • CHALKBOARD: We ordered this huge magnetic chalkboard for a great price! My children have a great space to practice handwriting and hang their artwork and projects too! This has been such a valuable resource for us and we love it. It also comes with a shelf to store your chalk.
  • CHALKBOARD MARKERS: We love this best seller of colorful, non-toxic, dust-free chalk markers.
  • MARKET BASKETS: I have a slight love for market baskets. We use these to store our books for the week and for daily books we pull out during morning time. These baskets are also in various places throughout our home to store our children’s toys.
  • NATURE POSTERS: I found 15 small posters for $3.50 TOTAL through Smokey the Bear. These are also adorable.
  • CAVALINNI POSTERS: I ADORE these. They were $15 for two.
  • MAPS: We have these are they are super great for a beginning student!
  • ART SUPPLIES: We store nice quality crayons, colored pencils, paintbrushes and pencils in recycled mason jars.
  • NATURE TREASURES: We love taking nature hikes in the back. My children gather treasures from the ground and we bring them back to display on our table. We have also used air-dry clay to make an impression of the treasures. Finally, we paint the dried clay and have an ornament to keep forever.
  • PLANTS: My favorite plant is the fiddle leaf fig. It is a fast growing plant. We purchased a small plant at a nursery and over the years, it is now taller than my husband. Its great to have real greenery in your children’s learning space. The boys help water and take care of the plants too!
chalkboard view
chalkboard view
chalkboard side
chalkboard side

What does your homeschool space look like? Do you have a designated homeschool space, or does it simply take place organically at your table or living room? I believe any option works well! Simply find the space that makes sense for your family. Finally, check out our favorite supplies.

ADORABLE POSTERS…Fitting to our area!


letter c preschool unit

Letter C Preschool Unit

I’m so thankful I get to spend time with my children for their preschool years. First, I share our curriculum choices and why we use them. Keep reading to find out how we explored the Letter A. Finally, at the bottom, we list our favorite supplies for the preschool years.

letter c preschool unit
letter c preschool unit



  • The Peaceful Preschool – The schedule is amazing because it sets aside one day per week for field trips
  • Exploring Nature with Children – This works well for my family because it is centered around being outdoors
  • The Abundant Gardener – We are learning more about gardening together so this will naturally provide chances to visit gardens, plant stores, and be outside on our land


We currently follow the Peaceful Preschool curriculum by Jennifer Pepito and we love it! The content is full of rich literature, therefore it is a perfect fit for my book-loving family.  We read through many rich, classic stories. We also complete playful projects to go with the literature theme or letter. Download Unit A for free to try it out with your littles in order to see if you like it.

The community she has created is such a beautiful resource and I’m grateful to be a part of it. Jennifer has included a wonderful preschool e-book which helps you prepare to guide your child in early learning. We have found her curriculum perfect for our homeschool preschool. The curriculum is comprised of Read Aloud, Phonics, Counting Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Large Motor Skills, Practical Life Skills, and Art Skills. Also, here is how we enjoyed the letter D unit.

letter c unit
letter c unit which turned out beautiful


The letter C unit was fun! There was so much to explore. We began by creating our glitter glue letters. The Peaceful Preschool recommends glitter glue in order to create the finishing touches on sensory, textured alphabet flashcards. We have used them with all of the letters so far. It is really one of my children’s favorite parts.

letter c preschool unit
letter c preschool unit


We went outside and gathered wildflowers since our yard is full of them. This time of year, the wildflowers begin to fade, so we were lucky! We sorted the flowers, and counted them with our number cards. Finally, we filled up our letter C template with petals.

preschool nature counting
Then, preschool nature counting
letter c preschool unit
letter c preschool unit


Included in the curriculum, is a homemade whipping cream recipe. It was simple and easy to make. We mixed three ingredients in a small, mason jar. When it was complete, my boys topped homemade gluten-free pancakes with it.

Boys homemade whipped cream
Boys homemade whipped cream

My boys also worked with their daddy in the kitchen. They sorted, counted, and peeled heirloom carrots. We are members of a local CSA and these carrots were from Johnson’s Backyard Garden.

counting carrots with letter c unit
counting carrots with letter c unit


We read through Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. This one surprised me because at first glance, I thought it was too babyish. It is a wonderful alphabet book and my children love it! They have brought this book to me countless times to read aloud. Corduroy was the next book to read. This was nostalgic for me since I also read this story as a child. To include an activity, we counted and sorted buttons.

sorting buttons with letter c unit
sorting buttons with letter c unit

We also began a simple button sewing craft on burlap to enhance fine motor skills. I gained the idea from the Peaceful Preschool community Facebook page and I’m so grateful to have this as a resource.

beginning sewing button craft
beginning sewing button craft


I also included the Carrot Seed book. We purchased it at Half Price books for a few dollars. My children, especially my youngest, love the story. We created a sensory bin for them to plant carrots. I found a similar idea on Pinterest. Dried chickpeas became the rocky soil. My older son and I made carrots out of natural scented play dough. He also added brown play dough for dirt soil and planted a chickpea seed.

the carrot seed preschool
the carrot seed preschool

In conclusion, we cut out and differentiated between Living and Non Living characters and parts from the story. I’m so thankful for the Peaceful Preschool curriculum because it provides the boys with many skills they need. Most of all, we are having fun while we are learning.

the carrot seed
the carrot seed which was so fun


Glitter Pens
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Colorful Buttons
Plastic Needle
The Carrot Seed
Natural Play Dough
Wooden Trays


Also, here is how we enjoyed the letter D unit. I can’t wait to share what we are learning next!

Simple learning. Preschool homeschool.

Five Amazing Art Supplies for Preschoolers

5 Amazing Art Supplies for Preschoolers
5 Amazing Art Supplies for Preschoolers


Homeschooling is a blessing. We spend quality time together, read classic books, and play with art! My boys are spontaneous and creative working with various art supplies.


Our homeschooling style is a mix of Charlotte Mason, Montessori, and Waldorf. Probably, you will notice emphasis on beautiful and natural materials when following a Waldorf homeschool style. We seek beauty in our surroundings. We value nature outings, a minimal home atmosphere, and quality children’s toys and materials. We prioritize beautiful and nourishing foods. However, it can be expensive to choose quality! Therefore, we include both quality items and affordable items.

Top Preschool Art Supplies
Top Preschool Art Supplies


First, we used watercolors. My oldest son made a rainbow. He is very curious about rainbows. Together, we choose different colors paints and therefore, he had a great time creating art! He enjoys painting his name, and creating different shapes. He has re-created watercolor pictures from books.

Our boys are pictured below. I created some donuts with a piece of left over cardboard and my younger son is intensely focused while he paints frosting.

Water Color Art Donut Craft
Water Color Art Donut Craft


We began our preschool learning with the Peaceful Preschool. The Peaceful Preschool recommends glitter glue to create sensory, textured alphabet flashcards. At first, I thought the glitter glue ran out too quickly. However, we have used them with all of the letters thus far. The glitter glue is one of my children’s favorite parts.

I have witnessed their fine motor skills improve. Their hand writing skills have begun to emerge by using these glitter pens. They love picking and choosing different colors to trace their letters. My oldest son has recently taken an interest in writing!

watercolor of brown bear
watercolor of a brown bear


Simply Learning Kids recommends these alphabet letter stamps. I ordered some from Amazon. The boys have loved using them to stamp the letters they are focusing on.

We have some other alphabet stamps from Michael’s also, but these particular ones above have a great shape and structure. They are perfect for little hands to hold onto while stamping letters. My children also have fun putting these away. They find the correct place holders for them and put them back in the box when they are finished using them. We were so excited to discover this item since its a great practical life skill!

watercolor and art
Finally, Watercolor arts


SaltyTribe recommended these oil pastelsWe have so much fun using them! I have created simple Winnie the Pooh drawings with them and the boys love to use them. My boys love to freely draw with the pastels and usually make a big mess. I don’t mind the mess since they are creative!

My children make large, sweeping shapes with the pastels and add various colors on the page. They are the best crayons we have every used. We decided to purchase them since they were so affordable. We are thankful we have these amazing pastels since they have turned into so many interesting art projects.


The glass jars and cherry wood holder are on my list of future purchases since they are beautiful! They are a beautiful addition to any child’s work space (or adults for that matter). They would store the paints very well and also be a beautiful and functional item. It seems like nice quality Stockmar paints are often paired together with these.

Finally, what are you favorite preschool art supplies?


Lowercase Alphabet Stamps
Watercolor Paper
Modeling Clay
Natural Eco Dough and Tools
Chalk Pastels

Need quick art supplies all in one spot? Check out our Nourished Children Amazon Shop!

Playing with Nature and Homemade Playdough Recipe

Essential Homeschool Preschool Supplies


My children are at home for preschool. I enjoy keeping them close, and because I love learning and teaching, this is a good fit for our family. While you don’t need a ton of materials to get started teaching your children, there are some key supplies very useful to have on hand. I love online shopping on Amazon because it is so convenient, especially when you have littles. I like to click on items we need, and then click on “Save it for Later” because it will save in my Amazon cart. Then, when financially possible, I move it to my cart so we can purchase what we need!

letter b preschool unit
Then, letter b preschool unit supplies


First, find a yearly planner you love to use because you will use it often. I like the ones without dates because you can customize it to fit your needs. We use the curriculum from since it has been amazing for us! I can’t wait to share with you some lovely lessons we are moving through from the Peaceful Preschool since they have been fun and filled with learning. You can also download unit A for FREE to see if it is a good fit for your family! Finally, we use both our dinner table and a child sized table for our preschool needs.



We mostly spend our time together, reading classic books, and playing with art! We value nature outings, a minimal home atmosphere, and quality children’s toys and materials. However, it can be expensive to choose quality! Therefore, we include both quality items and affordable items when we choose our homeschool supplies. My boys love to freely draw with the oil pastels and usually make a big mess. I don’t mind the mess because they are creative!





We purchased our wooden calendar fromJennifer Etsy shop since it is adorable. This may be one of the most expensive purchases yet, but it is such a great and beautiful learning resource. We enjoy talking about change of seasons, months, weeks and days with this beautiful resource. We also bought the small wooden clock and this wooden alphabet tracing board. I could purchase one of each item from their shop since they are so beautiful and well made.

I also purchased the nature themed play dough set from the Montessorirestore shop for my son’s birthday. My children could play with this for hours daily. The set allows for their creativity, and I love they are playing with items from nature. They use the play dough to form letters and also reinforce concepts from the stories they are hearing.



We stick close to the books that are part of the Peaceful Preschool curriculum because they are typically classics. You can find the books listed below on Amazon. You can also choose to check them out at the library for free! Below are some books we love that are additional to the curriculum we use. My children bring these to many over and over to read aloud because they are so good!





butterfly symmetry art
Then, butterfly symmetry art supplies because we love art
preschool nature counting
Finally, Preschool Nature Counting


Also, here are five amazing art supplies for preschoolers.


While there are tons of useful learning supplies for your homeschool preschool, these are the ones I have found to be necessary for us.

Finally, what are your favorite homeschool supplies?